Paper Wearable Art – Foundations

Stables Studio

2 days – Sundays Nov 13 & 27, 2022 10am – 3pm

Tutor: Anzara Clark
Cost: $160 members  $200 non-members
Applications close November 7, 2022

If you are already on a creative journey into the world of paper wearable art and want to learn more so you can extend your practice; or if you are wanting to explore paper wearable art, but are feeling a little daunted by the challenges of making garments from paper – this workshop will help you move forward on your paper wearable art journey.

Learn about approaches and foundation skills for creating paper wearable art.

Dressmaking experience an advantage but definitely not essential.

Materials fee: $20 per person to be paid to the tutor on the first day. This will cover all materials:
– a range of papers (from recycled to Japanese and handmade papers) for making samples to take home
– thread, tape and other fixing and construction materials for use in making samples
– adhesives and other manipulation and treatment products for use on the workshop days.
Participants are also welcome to bring any papers they would like to work with or experiment on.

Course outline:

In this workshop we will consider different approaches and technique responses to the challenges involved in making paper wearable art. We will explore foundation skills and a range of paper manipulation processes that will allow your creative inspiration to take flight, knowing that your paper wearable artwork will stand up to the stresses of competition, exhibition installation and gala performances. We will learn to incorporate experimentation and engineering interventions into construction approaches and build a knowledge base that will enhance creative options and honour the amazing material that is paper.

Specifically, we will learn to:

  • Harness the tensions in the material nature of paper
  • Increase durability of paper materials
  • Enhance the strength of papers without compromising flexibility and softness
  • Embed durability into construction processes
  • Understand weight bearing stressors and how to counteract weight impacts in specific regions of a garment
  • Create form support for garment segments requiring specific shapes
  • Understand how to select and strengthen suspension points and other point load sites in a garment to ensure that it is prepared for exhibition and installation requirements.

In the first part of the workshop, we will create samples of useful processes and paper manipulations that can be extended into the creation of paper wearable art.

In the second part of the workshop, we will consider and explore engineering and construction approaches and trouble shooting interventions to avert potential disasters without compromising creative vision. There will be time set aside for discussion and problem solving for participant projects in progress or planned.

Basic materials will be supplied, but participants are very welcome to bring papers that they want to explore further and real-life problems to resolve.

Note that images shown are examples of Anzara’s work and show what is possible with paper, rather than what will be achieved within the workshop.

Course duration: 2 x 5 hour sessions.

Gallery Photo credits: top middle – Grant Wells Photography, top right – Dominik Stozki, top right and bottom middle – Jackie Winkelman


This workshop is fully booked.