Cyanotype with Gail Stiffe

Stables Studio

Sundays 16th & 30th April 2023 10 am – 3 pm
Tutor: Gail Stiffe
Cost: $200 Members, $240 Non-members
Applications close 10th April 2023

Cyanotype is a simple photographic process that requires little special equipment or chemicals. It has changed only slightly since 1842 when Sir John Herschel discovered it. Also called blueprint, it requires two chemicals that when mixed together become light sensitive. These are painted onto paper or fabric and images are produced by either photographic negatives or by objects being placed on before exposure to UV. The chemicals wash out of the areas that are masked out and those areas exposed to the sun produce a beautiful blue image.

The class will cover preparing and coating papers, preparing negatives, exposing and processing including toning.

Materials fee: $15 includes chemicals, transparencies and some paper

Tutor: Gail Stiffe – President of Papermakers of Victoria

Day 1

Make up separate solutions

Make negative

Externally size paper

Day 2 (two weeks later)

Mix A & B and coat paper and fabric in subdued light.


Expose papers using a range of materials including prepared negatives.

Select one or two prints to explore toning with different materials.


Materials and equipment

Day 1 Laptop or memory stick with a few images on it

Disposable gloves


Paper that you have made that is reasonably strong and well pressed or commercial watercolour paper

10 couching cloths and four pieces of blanket

A board or tray to carry works home

Day 2 your sized papers and any more you have prepared in between.

Your selected negatives photocopied (or printed) onto transparency, other objects like leaves, feathers, lace that you would like to use.




This workshop is fully booked.