Tshirts and Jeans to Paper

Stables Studio

Sunday 21 March 2021 10 am – 4 pm
Tutor: Gail Stiffe
Applications close 6 March.

Turn your T-shirts and jeans into fine paper instead of sending to landfill. Learn how to use a Hollander Beater to turn all sorts of natural fabrics into high quality pulp and make extra strong acid free paper. Any fabric that is 100% natural plant fibres can be made into paper. Examples are denim, hemp, linen and cottons. Papermakers of Victoria owns two Hollander beaters that are available for members to use once they have had a training session. This workshop shall be considered to be a training session and participants will take home with them paper made from denim and T-shirts and will also take a small amount of pulp to use at a later date. A certificate will be provided to all who attend the workshop.

There will be a materials fee of $10 each to cover pre prepared pulp and a materials list will be sent closer to the workshop date.


book denim and cotton


This workshop is fully booked.