Papermaking from Plant Fibre

Stables Studio

Sunday November 14 2021 10am – 4pm
Tutor: Gail Stiffe
Cost: $80 members  $110 non-members
Applications close November 8 2021

Learn how to turn common garden plants and weeds into paper. Learn techniques for harvesting, preparation, cooking, beating and sheet forming. Paper can be made from cumbungi, NZ Flax, grasses, red hot poker and many barks. The morning will be spent preparing fibre and the afternoon making many sheets of paper from different fibres. Your paper will be suitable for collage, cards and some for writing on.

This workshop is suitable both for beginners and those who have prior papermaking experience.

Materials fee $15 per person to be paid to the tutor on the day.


Bookings are closed for this workshop.