April Saturday 29Reiner Beater training
May Tuesday 2Zoom Chat 1pm
Friday 5Stables Mob
Monday 8 Papermates Group
Tuesday 16Artist Talk – Kit Davey 9am
Saturday 20Papermaking at The Stables – including Japanese paper
Wednesday 24Yabbers
Sunday 28WorkshopOriental Bookbinding
June Thursday 1Deckle Edge copy due
Friday 2Stables Mob
Saturday 3Committee & General Meeting
Activity: Collage cards
Tuesday 6Zoom Chat 1pm
Monday 12Papermates Group
Friday 16Papermaking at The Stables
Tuesday 20Artist Talk TBA
Wednesday 28Yabbers
July Tuesday 4 Zoom Chat
Friday 7Stables Mob
Monday 10Papermates Group
Tuesday 18Artist Talk – Karen Stone (NSW) 11am
Friday 21Papermaking at The Stables
Wednesday 26Yabbers
Tuesday 1
Zoom Chat
Friday 4Stables Mob
Saturday 5Committee Meeting,
AGM & General Meeting
Speaker: DNJ Paper
Monday 14Papermates Group
Tuesday 15Artist Talk – Sue Truman (USA) Crankies
Friday 18Papermaking at The Stables
Wednesday 23Yabbers
Wednesday 30Nunawading Library display
Friday 1
Deckle Edge copy due
Stables Mob
Tuesday 5Zoom Chat
Monday 11Papermates Group
Saturday 16Papermaking at The Stables
Tuesday 19Artist Talk
Tuesday 26End Nunawading Library display
Wednesday 27Yabbers
Tuesday 3
Zoom Chat
Friday 6Stables Mob
Saturday 7Committee Meeting, General Meeting
BHCAC Activity – TBA
Monday 9Papermates Group
Tuesday 17Artist Talk
Friday 20Papermaking at The Stables
Wednesday 25Yabbers
Wednesday 1
Deckle Edge copy due
Friday 3Stables Mob
Tuesday 5Zoom Chat
Monday 13Papermates Group
Friday 17Papermaking at The Stables
Tuesday 21Artist Talk
Wednesday 22Yabbers
Sunday 26WorkshopPaste Papers
Saturday 2
Christmas Social Breakup
BHCAC 12pm – 4pm